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Law & Order

Crime in Colorado is skyrocketing. You’re tired of it and I’m tired of it. 

Criminal justice reform does not mean we stop seeking justice for criminals, which is what the progressive democrats in the Colorado legislature have done, including incumbent Adrienne Benavidez.

To me criminal justice reform means funding the police, a reasonable approach to law and order, putting a focus on ensuring hardened criminals remain behind bars and property crimes are taken seriously. It means recriminalizing fentanyl and ensuring the safety and security of our citizens and businesses. 

Parental Rights

Whether it’s school choice, curriculum, masking, vaccinations, sports, sex education, or medical decisions the progressive Democrats in the Colorado legislature have been chipping away at parental rights for years. These complete strangers truly believe they know better for each child than that child’s own parents. 

Defending parental rights will be a cornerstone of my service when elected. I will always stand up for children and parents whether it’s standing against legislation wishing to limit the rights of parents or sponsoring legislation for school vouchers, I will be a voice seeking freedom for all families. 

Taxation & Spending

At a time when affordability and inflation is crippling residents, tax paying Coloradans have become nothing more than a piggy bank to the progressive tax and spend Democrats in the state legislature. They continue to collect our money and irresponsibly spend it, knowing they can because the government has no Return on Investment (ROI), they are expected to show to those who fund them, their investors – you. 

I will not only work to reduce the tax burden on citizens and businesses, but I will also always protect TABOR, and hold a magnifying glass over irresponsible spending practices, demanding accountability. 

Constitutional Rights

Our constitutional rights are under attack at all levels of government, from federal to state to local. 

Whether it’s gun rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion as an elected official I will always defend these rights, as afforded to us in  the Bill of Rights.


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